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Emperor Ghazal Mehdi Hassan passed away 8 years ago

Karachi: The 8th anniversary of Ghazal Emperor Mehdi Hassan will be celebrated today.

Ghazal emperor Mehdi Hassan, who ruled the music world for 40 years, has lost 8 years to his fans. Mehdi Hassan was born in 1927 in Luna, Rajasthan, India. Mehdi Hassan belonged to this large musical family Served music for 16 generations.

He started singing from Radio Pakistan in 1956 and recorded his first song for the Pakistani film “Shikar” in 1962. Mehdi Hassan’s lyrics and national anthems will continue to resonate in the ears of the world. Awakened the magic of his mesmerizing voice in a total of 365 films, his voice was considered a guarantee of success in the film industry.

Mehdi Hassan made history by recording more than 25,000 songs and lyrics. According to people in the music department, Mehdi Hassan passed away, but his art is still alive today. Mehdi Hassan was a full-fledged musician. His melody and ragni became famous all over the world, which is why Mehdi Hassan was awarded the title of Emperor of Ghazal.

For outstanding services in the field of music, Mehdi Hassan was awarded Presidential Medal for Excellence, Medal of Distinction, Hilal Imtiaz, while Sehgal in India and Gorkha Dak Sheena Bahu Award in Nepal.

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