Veena Malik

Ertugrul buried the slogan “My body is my will”, Veena Malik

Karachi: Actress and host Veena Malik says that Turkish show “Ertugrul” has covered my body with the trademark of my will.

On-screen character Veena Malik, alluding to the exceptional prominence of Turkish show sequential “Ertugrul Ghazi” in Pakistan, said that Turkish dramatization Ertugrul Ghazi is getting more mainstream in Pakistan than Turkey, which demonstrates that the reasoning and selection of Pakistani individuals today Also as indicated by Islamic customs.

Veena Malik further said that the fame of this dramatization has covered the trademark “My body is my will”. In the event that Pakistani industry is to be crushed, Western culture must be deserted.

It ought to be noticed that the show sequential “Dirlish Ertugrul” is being named in Urdu under the name “Ertugral Ghazi” in Pakistan. The main scene of this show has broken the record of prevalence on YouTube. The main portion of “Ertugrul Ghazi” has been seen in excess of 30 million perspectives on YouTube in three weeks, while the show was seen 12 million perspectives in 12 years in Turkey. ۔

The fame of the play can likewise be measured from the way that the primary on-screen characters of “Ertugrul Ghazi”, Ertugrul and Halima Sultan (Anjan Altan and Asri Baljak) have picked up the status of most loved entertainers of Pakistanis. While Pakistani internet based life is brimming with dramatization on-screen characters and vivacious exchanges.

Turkish on-screen characters couldn’t overlook the adoration for Pakistanis and different dramatization entertainers including Anjan and Asri have not just sent cherishing messages to Pakistanis from Turkey however have likewise communicated their longing to meet their Pakistani fans.

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