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We are probably the only nation in the world that has uncertainty in its attitudes. If you want to make a common thing so important that people will be surprised. And if you want, you can ignore the most important issue in a nutshell. This attitude as a nation may be our survival, or it is so ingrained in our psyche that we do not dare to get out of it.

The world is adopting the fifth generation warfare. Fifth Generation War seems to be a fantasy in terms of the term, but in practice we have started to see Fifth Generation War Fair because we see a flood in this regard every day in the media. What is the Fifth Generation War Fair? And how is it working? What are its benefits? What are its disadvantages? Which particular country is benefiting the most from this? And who can prove his superiority in this? All of these things will come to light over time. If not for us, our future generations may be able to observe these answers for themselves and see these answers put into practice in their own lives.

The media industry is growing with each passing day and the whole world is looking for opportunities to benefit from this industry. As we have seen recently, the corona virus has gripped the world. And surprisingly, Hollywood made a film on a similar theme many years ago. What were the reasons for making this film? Where did the main idea of the story come from? There is still silence in this regard. All aspects of the media in the world are being seriously used as a propaganda tool. Under Agenda Setting Theory or Mind Cultivation Theory, people’s minds are being planted with their own thoughts and future scenes. All efforts in this regard are being made in silence and in a very imperceptible manner. We cannot see or feel these efforts. But sooner or later their results begin to come before us.

The Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi with historical background has captivated the audience, it is good. Showing Islamic history, very good. The glory of the Ottoman Empire is being shown, which is also very good. Of course, Turkey is our brotherly Islamic country, its culture is being introduced, it is also very good. But with that, we have fallen in love with the Ertugrul Ghazi drama to such an extent that at the national level, if an actor like Shaan Shahid opens his mouth, we make it a training ground. When a writer like Farrukh Sohail Goindi speaks, we line up against him. why like this? Why aren’t we willing to listen to the media hit? What do they say? What is the purpose of their talk? If we are running Ertugrul Ghazi as a cultural exchange, then which Pakistani culture in Turkey has been given a place on their national channel? If so, let the public know.

Gained ratings, followers also increased records, money also came. But what is the use of all this? Admittedly, this drama enchanted the whole world. Raise the flags of success but lose only five of the benefits it brought to Pakistan’s media industry. Find the answer to what Pakistani drama has benefited from it? What has been the improvement for Pakistani artists who are already in the news due to their death in Christmas? Has the production sector in Pakistan improved with the success of this drama? If the answers to all these questions are in the negative, then should we really understand the Ertugrul Ghazi drama more than the drama?

The basic and thought-provoking aspect is that drama is a form of entertainment based on imagination, rhetoric, characterization, dialogue, and to some extent fact, which can also be used for correction. But we are beginning to understand this drama more than drama. The Ottoman Empire has certainly ruled the hearts of Muslims around the world. But as far as this play is concerned, this play is a masterpiece of today’s technology and dialogue world. It has little to do with reality because not much information is available about Suleiman Shah, the father of Ertugrul Ghazi. Nor is there much information in the pages of history about Ertugrul Ghazi himself or his son Uthman I (who is considered the founder of the Ottoman Empire). If you explore this world of information, you will find that there is little information available about Ertugrul Ghazi other than that he was the father of Usman I.

We will find a lot in the Turkish tradition in this regard. But the written certificate will be less. So, of course, the information given in the dramas made in the present age is mostly fiction. And if fiction is dramatized, it takes into account the fact that modern-day audiences like to see it. Whether it’s the Kai tribe or Suleiman the Magnificent, Ertugrul Ghazi or the pile of palace conspiracies, most of the dialogues are twists and turns. To prove their connection to reality, one has to take off the lens of sentimentality. And we have to wonder if the drama Ertugrul Ghazi will really be better for Pakistan’s drama industry?

Osman I is the architect of the Ottoman Empire. And the Ottoman Empire remained important to all Muslims, but in terms of this drama, it is completely close to fiction. There is a glimmer of reality, but fiction prevails. In such a situation, while celebrating the success of this drama, why are we turning a blind eye to the fact that no matter how important Turkish culture is, are we not destroying the Pakistani drama industry? The Prime Minister of PakistanWhen this drama was announced to be shown, isn’t there any role of historical significance in the history of Pakistan that can be publicized? Didn’t the last rock drama make in Pakistan? Zarqa movie was not made in Pakistan? Tipu Sultan was not pictured? No need to go far. If we make 1857 the standard, then there are so many heroes after that that if we start making dramas, the characters will not end for many years. Why don’t you make a drama on Muhammad Ali Jinnah that will enchant the whole world. The efforts made were also poorly produced.

Why are they hitting the already declining drama industry with their own hands? Whatever Shaan Shahid said, he also said for the betterment of his drama and film industry. Facilitate your drama industry instead of imposing imported dramas on the people by facing the reality instead of following them.

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