Halima Hatun

Ertugrul’s Wife Halima Comparing with Pakistani Actress

Since the time the Turkish arrangement Ertugrul began airing on PTV, Pakistanis have been in a craze. What’s more, as opposed to gaining from it (as the Prime Minister) at first planned, Pakistanis have been drawing a wide range of images from the show.

Some place it is about the long length and countless scenes of the arrangement and some place it is about the entirely Turkish ladies highlighted in the dramatization.

Ertugrul's HalimaEsra BilgiƧ (Halima Sultan)

Be that as it may, among everything that crossed our eyes, what we found the most relatable was the way that somebody called attention to, how our own, on-screen character and model Alyzeh Gabol looked very like Esra Bilgic, the entertainer who plays Ertugrul’s better half, otherwise known as Halime Hatun in the show.

Why not look at a couple of pictures of Alyzeh and Esra side and side and let us comprehend what you think;

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