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Extreme hurricane threat, complete curfew in Mumbai

Mumbai: A curfew has been imposed in Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, in view of the threat of a typhoon. Authorities have appealed to people to stay indoors, collect rations for two to three days and fully charge their laptops and smartphones as Mumbai’s electricity supply was cut off during the storm. It can be closed for hours.

On the other hand, the Indian Meteorological Department has warned that Cyclone Nisarga, which is forming in the Arabian Sea, is moving towards the northern part of the state of Maharashtra at a speed of 11 km per hour, causing Mumbai, Thane, Raigarh and Palghar. And other nearby coastal areas are at high risk of torrential rains.

Train and flight schedules in Mumbai have also been severely affected due to the threat of storms. The timetable of most trains arriving and departing from Mumbai has been changed, while today only 19 out of 50 flights have been allowed to take off and land at Mumbai Airport.

The Indian Meteorological Department says Typhoon Nisarga is intensifying and will hit the coastal areas of Maharashtra around 5 pm local time today.

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