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Farrukh Shah, the actor who became famous for imitating Imran Khan, has passed away

Farrukh Shah, who played the role of Imran Khan’s dummy in TV programs, has passed away.

Farrukh Shah, a young actor who rose to fame by playing the role of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s dummy in various TV programs, has passed away. Confirming the news, the actor’s son said that Farrukh Shah had a heart attack this morning. He was being taken to the hospital due to heart ailment and he died on the way.

His son says his father was troubled by the closure of the theatre due to the lockdown, and also financial problems. He also took part in the artists’ protest two days ago, while recording a private TV Eid special show.

Actor Farrukh Shah started his artistic career with Theater Radio. He has performed in a number of drama series on state TV. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

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