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Fawad Khan and Zulfi Bukhari are among the 5 best style icons in South Asia

Leading Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistani Zulfi Bukhari have been named among the five best style icons in South Asia.

The recently published “Asian Style Magazine” from the UK has released a list of the 5 best men (style icons) in South Asia, including Fawad Khan and Zulfi Bukhari, three from Pakistan and one from India. Includes two names.

Fawad Khan
There is no doubt that Fawad Khan has driven not only Pakistanis but also Indians crazy with his attractive personality. Recently, Fawad Khan’s name has been nominated for 100 most attractive faces in the world and now his name has been included in the 5 Style Icons of South Asia by Asian Style Magazine.

Fawad Khan

Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari

Second on the list is Pakistani politician and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistani Zulfi Bukhari. He has been included in the list because of his excellent style. According to the magazine, Zulfi Bukhari embellishes Eastern and Western clothing in the best possible way. On account of Zulfi Bukhari, another pattern has been seen for Pakistani government officials that not every person wears a similar garments. He is becoming an icon for the youth with his fashion style.


Riza Ahmed

The list also includes Hollywood actor Rizwan Ahmed, who was born to a British Pakistani family in London and is known internationally as Riza Ahmed.


Ranveer Singh and Virat Kohli

Indian actor Ranveer Singh and cricketer Virat Kohli are fourth and fifth on the list.



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