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Fear of corona virus Americans start gargling with bleach

Washington – Some Americans are so frightened by the Corona virus epidemic that they have started sniffing and even gargling the toxic bleach used to clean floors. This was revealed in a recent survey by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The CDC’s online survey, which lasted nearly a month, looked at Americans’ familiarity with proper hygiene measures to prevent the corona virus. Earlier, in another survey, 82% of Americans said they were well aware of all other precautions, including hygiene, to prevent corona virus.

In contrast, since April, there has been a significant increase in complaints from people contacting medical institutions and departments concerned with poison treatment, who have been affected by improper use of cleaning products.
Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly is that they’re taking precautionary measures against the corona virus. To find out, the CDC conducted an online survey, the results of which raised concerns.

Although most Americans claimed to know everything they needed to know about how to protect themselves from the corona virus, when they learned about certain things, they found that the vast majority of Americans were not only unaware of it, but also the opposite. Not even trying to avoid.

Sixty percent of adults and “intelligent” Americans surveyed said they were doing more than usual because of the Corona epidemic, especially to “eliminate” germs and viruses. Thirty-nine percent of survey participants admitted that they must be using at least one cleaning method that the CDC has declared dangerous.

19% admitted to washing fruits, vegetables and other food items with bleach solution to avoid corona virus, while 18% said that they also use toxic solutions instead of soap for bathing and washing. Tiles etc. are reserved for cleaning while their use in humans is strictly prohibited.

Not only that, but 10% of the survey participants also admitted that they take a ‘vapor bath’ of bleach and other antiseptic / antiviral products to avoid corona virus.

However, the most worrying finding in the survey was that 6% of Americans deliberately sniff out the vapors of toxic products used in household cleaning, while 4% also admitted that they use household cleaning products, such as bleach and soap. They make gargles and rinses from solutions etc.

Twenty-five percent of Americans who use these “household tips” have experienced itching, heaviness, nausea and difficulty breathing after using household cleaning products on their own.

Although the survey was conducted on 502 adult Americans, the CDC says it was conducted in such a way that only 500 people could be considered representative of the entire American population.

The results of the survey urge the US government to warn the public about the dangers of improperly taking precautionary measures in the Corona Outbreak Awareness Campaign.

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