Mufti Tariq Masood

For Adam (peace be upon him) Allah had created a wife, not a car. I used to get married whenever money came to me.

In a video statement, Mufti Tariq Masood, a well-known cleric in Islamabad, said that a service colonel who was present at the time asked me if there was no Zakat on consumer goods. Mufti Tariq Masood replied that I said no. Then the Colonel asked that if two Corollas were kept instead of one, then there would be no Zakat. Is? Mufti

Tariq Masood said that I said that there is still no Zakat. Zakat is on the things that are for sale. If you have ten corollas, then there is no Zakat on it. On this occasion, the Colonel said that it is not extravagant. The well-known religious scholar said that he should understand this. I say keep two or four for one Begum and for the use of the other, I tell you brother, spend as much money on wives as you are spending on cars, Karuna comes in four lakhs but Begum suffers. Corolla is important to them but not the wife. Thank God we have the importance of wives. Whenever I had money, I got married. The vehicle was used to buy our friends, I aradyty in so much money that he married my friend bought the car. I told him that in my opinion wife is more important, not car. When Hazrat Adam (PBUH) was bored in heaven, Allah created wife for him and did not create car. Mufti Tariq Masood said that car Man can’t give heart to man, can’t talk secrets and talk of heart with car, can’t love car then it is old they sell it, wife loves it as much as it is old, car is not child Goddess, wife gives you children, wife is more important than cars.

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