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Forensic audit of sugar scandal completed

The FIA ​​has completed a forensic audit of the Chinese scandal, which has revealed billions of rupees in tax fraud. According to media reports, the FIA ​​has completed a forensic audit of the Chinese scandal, the report of which will be sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan in the next few days. The statements of the sugar mill management have also been made part of the record. FIA sources say a forensic audit has been conducted for the first time in any scandal investigation, which has uncovered major revelations.

The sugar mafia is associated with all the major political parties. This mafia has not been able to formulate any policy to date. Other institutions including the State Bank and the Competition Commission are also involved. When the investigation started, they all became one. The officials were threatened with dire consequences and offered crores of rupees. Sources said that the sugar mafia also exploits the farmers, many of whom do not pay billions of rupees for many years after buying sugarcane from the farmers.

FIA sources say that the bagasse that comes out of the process of making sugar. Billions of rupees are earned by selling hook shera, molasses, and gar. Sugar mill products other than sugarcane have also been sold abroad. Sugar mill owners have also made sugar as well as sugarcane during this process. Billions of rupees are earned from other products made from sugar but most of the sugar mill owners do not keep records of the sale of these items.

Billions of rupees are swindled in terms of taxes on the sale of these items by the sugar mill owners during the forensic audit. Triple entries were also made in various banks which led to tax evasion. FIA sources said that the sugar mafia was all involved. Even after deducting the expenses, they earn Rs 10 to 15 per kg. There is no need to give a subsidy to the sugar mafia. The same amount of subsidy is given.

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