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Generator that combines sunshine and shade

Singaporean experts have successfully demonstrated a generator that combines sunshine and shade.

It is called the Shadow Effect Energy Generator or SEG developed by the National University of Singapore. The first practical model of this important invention has been developed in which transparent plastic has been laid in the base and four boxes or cells have been made.

Each box has a thin gold foil that is firmly glued to a piece of silicone. Interestingly, the difference between light and shadow is that electricity generating cells cost much less than ordinary solar cells.

In full light and full shadows, the generator does not generate electricity but produces energy only when half of it is sunny and the other half is shaded.

This difference makes for a good amount of electricity. It also has arrangements for generating and storing electricity. Overall, it is twice as useful as a photovoltaic cell.
It can be used to track smartphones, smart watches and other small devices, but due to its own characteristics, it can also become a sensitive sensor that can detect any kind of movement. The use of gold in it is making it more expensive and instead a better and less expensive material is being considered to reduce its cost.

Details of this important invention have been published in the Journal of Energy and Environmental Science.

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