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Get Rid of This Anchor or Stay in Jail | Asked by Government to Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman

Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman the Founder of 24-hour News Cycle Network, Geo TV

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) – Former Director General of Radio Pakistan and senior journalist Murtaza Solangi have claimed that the government has asked Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman to either expel the star journalist of his channel from Konokri or remain in jail. On social media site Twitter, Murtaza Solangi said, “This is not the first time that a dictatorial government has asked a TV channel to fire its journalists. We have heard that Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman has also been asked.” He has gone to his Star TV.

Murtaza Solangi did not say in his claim which journalist he is, but social media users have started guessing on his behalf. A Twitter handle by the name of K posted Shahzeb Khanzada’s head. Another user asked if he was Hamid Mir? A user named Asif Hayat wrote that the time for an intolerant government was near.

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