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Gift scheme for sending vehicles from Japan to Pakistan

Gift scheme for sending vehicles from Japan to Pakistan relaxed, good news announced

TOKYO: Following the instructions of Pakistan’s Ambassador to Japan Imtiaz Ahmed, the efforts of Commercial Consul at the Embassy Tahir Cheema have significantly relaxed the requirements and conditions for vehicles sent from Japan under the Pakistan Gift Scheme. It used to take a week for Pakistanis living in Japan to prepare a gift scheme certificate and dozens of documents were required. However, in view of the difficulties faced by the community, Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed asked Commercial Consul Tahir Cheema. Gift Scheme Certificate process easier

After lengthy negotiations with Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce, FBR and customs officials, Cheema has limited the delivery of only five key documents. Now, overseas Pakistanis sending vehicles under the Pakistan Gift Scheme and other facilities You have to submit your original passport, identity card, original export certificate of the vehicle, bill of landing and gift undertaking after which after checking these documents a gift scheme certificate will be issued to the Overseas Pakistani. Commercial Consul Tahir Cheema said that in view of the directives of Ambassador of Pakistan Imtiaz Ahmed, we have tried to provide maximum facilities to the community and alleviate the difficulties faced by them, including one of the difficult gift scheme. The procedure has now been simplified by eliminating unnecessary and unnecessary paperwork requirements for sending vehicles to Pakistan through other schemes. It is hoped that this process will not only benefit overseas Pakistanis but also the government. There will be foreign exchange in Mad.

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