Goat arrested for not wearing mask in India

Kanpur: Indian police arrested a goat for not wearing a Mask.

As per Indian media, during a standard watch in Kanpur, police captured a goat without a cover and captured him and took him to the police headquarters. At the point when the proprietor of the goat arrived at the police headquarters and mentioned for his discharge, depending on the prerequisite that the goat would not be left out and about without a veil once more, the goat was given over to the proprietor.

In India, everybody is required to wear a cover and fines are forced for infringement, however, the boycott doesn’t matter to creatures. At the point when the police conduct was fought via web-based networking media, the Beaconganj police headquarters changed its position and clarified that the goat proprietor was strolling around wearing a veil and the goat was brought to the police headquarters for his capture.

Prior, Saifuddin, a hover official of the police headquarters, had revealed to IANS that since individuals were likewise wearing covers on their canines, for what reason can’t goats be worn.

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