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Hadiqa Kayani and Ushna Shah clash on social media

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani actress Ushna Shah and singer Hadiqa Kayani had an altercation on social media over female singers in the field of music. The altercation started when actress Ushna Shah recently performed music. A tweet was made about female singers in the field of music.

Ushna Shah had said in the tweet that only Aima Baig and Qaratul Ain Baloch are the best female singers in the field of music. Comments were made on social media on the tweet of the actress that she How can you forget the famous singers

Kayani also responded to Ushna Shah’s tweet. Hadiqa Kayani released a list of female singers from Pakistan’s music department which included the names of about 40 women.

Hadiqa Kayani added Abida Parveen, Momina Mustahasan, Farida Khanum, Zoi Wakaji, Komal Rizvi and other singers. In addition, Hadiqa Kayani shared a separate list of her favorite female singers and also wrote a note that ‘women’s services in the field of music should not be ignored. After this reply of Hadiqa Kayani, actress Ushna Shah apologized to the singer and also deleted her tweet.

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