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Hania Amir has nothing to do with Asim except friendship

Karachi: Leading actress Hania Amir says that she has nothing to do with singer Asim Azhar except friendship.

There are many faces in the showbiz industry that look like a couple. One of them is singer Asim Azhar and Haniya Aamir. Be it a drama, a fashion show, or a song video. This pair is always visible. And the focus remained. Even Haniya Aamir has appeared in the scene in Asim Azhar’s recently released song ‘Tum Tum’.

The couple, who live together everywhere, have never spoken openly about their relationship, but despite this, the two were seen as a perfect couple, but now Hania Amir has declared Asim as just a friend.

During the live session with singer Aima Baig, Haniya Aamir denied her relationship with Asim Azhar and said that we are no longer together, we have parted ways with each other, now we are just friends and as far as the relationship is concerned. We have no relationship other than friendship.

Hania Amir’s statement has caused a stir on social media. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, only these two personalities are being talked about everywhere. The interest of social media users can be gauged from the fact that Hania Amir and Asim are currently the top trends on Twitter.

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