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Haniya Aamir’s interesting post after learning the new Instrument

Actress Haniya Aamir is always learning new things as well as sharing them on social media for her fans.

Whether it’s an update on a Haniya drama serial or a new tick-tock video, her Instagram account never disappoints fans.

Recently, Haniya shared an interesting caption while sharing a photo of herself with the musical instrument Chautara. “After four days of playing the quartet, mark yourself as a star of victory.”

In another post, Haniya sends some love and positive energies to those who need them. He asked his followers and fans to remember the blessings they receive every day.

According to Haniya, “Thank you for the little things, please be kind. Just spread the word and be present for those who need you. Listen to understand, show patience and endurance, and understand that different opinions can coexist. ”

The actress sent a message to her followers, “Come on, try to be a better person.”

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