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The Hint of YouTube ban Pakistani stars came forward in opposition

KARACHI: Pakistani stars have come out in opposition after the Supreme Court imposed a ban on YouTube.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to ban YouTube, YouTubers and artists have expressed their views.

Most of the artists were seen speaking out against the ban on YouTube and all of them (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) also gave some advice to the PTA.
In this regard, actress Mehwish Hayat said that YouTube will be banned? Then what will happen to WhatsApp, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix? The actress said that freedom of expression is a fundamental right of any society. In Pakistan, the real stories come out through social media and progressive states should not have to resort to sanctions.

Actor Ali Butt said in his Instagram story that why PTA only imposes restrictions, why it does not control the content? He said that there are so many people, including artists, who make a decent living through YouTube, it is better to focus on safety measures than a ban.

Actress Zara Noor Abbas said that there are so many people who have lost their jobs due to this corona epidemic and there are many people in Pakistan who earn through YouTube, in this situation it is better to ban inappropriate content.

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