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Man is, in fact, a marvelous and extraordinary creation of God. It has a special status among all the creatures around it. He has been endowed with the immense power of intellect. The charisma of this power of human intellect and thought can be seen with open eyes in the form of new inventions of science in modern times.

The charisma of the human intellect is not something to be taken lightly. All this has now become a reality that millions of manifestations of this human power are scattered all over the world, which everyone can easily see and feel at any time. All this has greatly increased the facilities for human beings. Now he can’t even imagine the difficulties that the man of the past once faced.

Man of the past could not even imagine the facilities as much as he has created for himself as a result of using the power of this intellect. Even in this age of invention, human beings have longings that cannot be stopped. Not a single person can be found who is satisfied with all that has been made available to him.

It is a fact that man’s scientific discoveries have provided him with more facilities than the man of the past, but it is another fact that all these facilities have been able to fulfill man’s desires perfectly according to his desires. Are insufficient Today’s man is just as dissatisfied with the present and the available as he used to be in the past.

The amazing fact is that there is not a single human being on earth who has been able to find a moment’s satisfaction after so many inventions. Man considers his existence and does not think that his existence is in accordance with his intention. The insatiable thirst for endless desires that arose in his mind is so intense that even this natural universe and all the artificial inventions made in it prove to be completely insufficient to quench this stormy thirst even for a few moments.

It is happening. Even though it has got a lot together, it has not got anything yet. There is a storm of desires that is not taking the name of stopping. Put human desires on one side and the resources and inventions available on the other side. Everyone’s status is nothing more than an insignificant particle.

Man is buried in the grave of despair when he does not see his desires fulfilled according to his desires. If he is feeling overwhelmed in the world, it is just to keep himself entertained, otherwise everyone knows that this world will not be able to quench the thirst of his desires even after getting all of them. In this world of deep despair, religion alone. He who holds the hand of this despairing man and opens the window of happiness and contentment before him. From this open window of religion, he can see everything that he finds exactly as he wishes.

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