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I see the world war starting in the next five years,Veena Malik

Lahore: Pakistani actress Veena Malik says that she is watching the world war start in the next 5 years.

According to the details, actress, model, host and parody queen Veena Malik, who has given interesting comments and views on Pakistani politics and current affairs, has surprised everyone by predicting a world war for the next five years on Twitter.

In a statement on the social networking site Twitter, Veena Malik tweeted that she was watching the world war begin in the next five years.

The actress added that US agencies think that if war is not imposed on China, China will become a world superpower in the next five years.

Veena Malik further said that the world is divided into two blocks, the first block consists of China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Arab countries and Turkey while the second bloc includes the United States, India, Europe and Australia.

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