I want to be an attacking captain like Imran Khan, Babar Azam
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I want to be an attacking captain like Imran Khan, Babar Azam

Pakistan ODI and T20 captain Babar Azam says that we have the experience of playing without a crowd for 10 years. If cricket is held behind closed doors due to cove 19, it will be a challenge for other teams.

T20 captain Babar Azam has also been given the captaincy of ODIs last week. Babar Azam says that captaincy is a challenge and I am ready to accept this challenge. Becomes a sage, otherwise the thorns bite. The current ranking in ODIs is not acceptable. We have to come in the top three.

Babar Azam said that the impression that he is operated by head coaches from outside is wrong, he definitely advises that but I have to feed the team on the ground, Babar Azam said that he wants to be an attacking captain like Imran Khan That is what they have learned.

‘We have 10 years of experience playing without a home crowd’
Babar Azam said that talks are underway to go to England but no decision has been taken yet but I am sure that the PCB will give 110% importance to the health and safety of the players first and then take a decision because There is nothing greater than life.

He said that the players are focusing on individual fitness, cricketers have also undergone fitness tests, now the PCB is going to set up a camp from next week to work on cricket skills which will be beneficial.

Babra Azam, captain of T20 and ODIs, said that there was talk of changing the rules at the moment because of Covid 19, saying that there would be no traditional celebration, the ball would not be spit on. So this will be for everyone, we have to live with it now but the situation will be difficult.

“Cricket is being talked about without a crowd, so I think cricketers will miss that atmosphere. We have 10 years of experience playing without a home crowd. No one knows better than us,” he said. So it won’t matter much to us, it will be challenging for other teams. There will be no crowd and the matches will be closed behind closed doors so that we will not be able to connect the new generation with the game.

‘Should not be compared with Virat Kohli’
Babar Azam said about ICC World Twenty20 that he would like the World Cup to be, this is my first World Cup and I am also the captain and if my opinion is taken in this regard then I will say this That must be the World Cup.

Babar Azam once again said that he should not be compared with Virat Kohli, he is a different kind of player. Babar Azam said that all I am trying to do is win the Pakistan team matches with my batting.

Babar Azam said that fast bowlers Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz have been talked to. If they are not in the central contract, it does not mean that they will not be given a chance. Shoaib Malik and Wahab Riaz were not included in the previous contract. But he kept getting a chance, so will other cricketers.

Babra Azam said that at the moment we have two wicket keepers, Sarfraz Ahmed will definitely get a chance, but Mohammad Rizwan will have to give a chance now, not giving a chance after a half series would be an abuse to any player. We need to work on Sharjeel Khan’s fitness, we have to see more of it now, Sharjeel Khan has just played one tournament.

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