ICC postpones T20 World Cup due to Covid-19 pandemic
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ICC postpones T20 World Cup due to Covid-19 pandemic

The ICC has postponed the 2020 Men’s T20 World Cup due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. In fact, the ICC Board decided on Monday to postpone the tournament scheduled for October-November. The board has also moved the 2023 Men’s World Cup from the February-March window to October-October this year.

The board had agreed on Windows for the three men’s matches with the T20 World Cup in October, November 2021 and October 2022. It has not yet been decided in what order Australia and India will host the T20 World Cup. In the original calendar, India was to host the event in 2021 but Cricket Australia. (CA) has expressed a preference to host a program that has been postponed until next year. The Women’s World Cup in New Zealand in February next year has not yet been postponed, with the ICC saying the event is being planned “on schedule”.

Although it has taken some time, it is not surprising that Cricket Australia has reiterated on more than one occasion that it is becoming difficult to host a tournament during an epidemic in which 16 teams take part. Have been After CA chief executive Kevin Roberts said in May that the tournament was a “very high risk”, CA chairman Earl Eddings echoed the frustration in June, saying the epidemic was unlikely. It was a possibility and “unreal” was “fast” all over the world.

The Australian states are relatively less affected than most of the 19 countries, with 3,026 active cases as of Monday, but Melbourne and its environs are currently under lockdown and new wave fears are looming. Matters are on the rise in South Wales. International borders, and many state borders, remain closed except in special cases.

With India, South Africa and Pakistan among the countries most affected by the epidemic, the risks of bringing together 16 teams from around the world and creating a bio-safe bubble are high.

On May 27, the ICC said in a media release that reports of a “postponement” of the T20 World Cup were “incorrect” and that the event was being planned while several emergency plans were being sought. The ICC board has met several times since April to discuss contingency plans, with the aim of making a final decision on the T20 World Cup during a meeting on June 10. Monday’s board meeting was attended by all the directors, including Imran Khawaja, the interim chairman of the World Bank, and Sorao Ganguly, the president of the BCCI.

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