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ICC threatens to withdraw India from hosting World Cup


Dubai (Online) India are desperate to save the hosting of the T20 World Cup next year, the ICC has threatened to withdraw the hosting next year. The ICC threatened to deprive the BCCI of hosting over the issue of tax exemption. The Indian Cricket Board had to provide unconditional confirmation of tax exemption by the government by May 18, which it failed to do. ICC threatens India

Given that they reserve the right to withdraw from hosting the T20 World Cup, the BCCI had requested an extension of the June 30 deadline due to Corona, which was rejected by the International Cricket Council.

The ICC had asked the BCCI to compensate for the 2018 tax cuts during the 2016 World Twenty20, the BCCI was asked to pay 23 23 million, according to Indian media reports. According to the official broadcasters of the ICC tournaments, Star TV had deducted taxes from its payments to the ICC as the cost had to be borne by the international administration, so now they want the BCCI to compensate them. Do

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