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I’m not a blonde, I’m a cricketer ‘Babar Azam

Although Babar Azam, 25, has led the Pakistan Under-19 cricket team, he has been criticized for his eloquence since he became the captain of the national T20 team due to his lack of voice.

When he first captained Australia, he was hired exclusively as a local translator for the press conference, acting as Babar Azam’s translator for the media manager at the toss or closing ceremony, now again. Ever since Babar Azam has been given the leadership of ODIs with T20, there has been a debate that Babar Azam needs grooming now, he should not have been given the captaincy, he does not know how to speak English.

Babar Azam is currently one of the top five batsmen in the world rankings for all three formats of cricket. He has played 26 Tests, 74 ODIs and 38 Twenty20 Internationals.

Babar Azam has long been the number one batsman in the T20s, 5th in Tests and 3rd in ODIs. There is no doubt about Babar Azam’s cricketing prowess and it cannot be debated. Yes, but apart from cricket skills, Babar Azam is facing criticism.
Now former cricketers have also started making statements regarding Babar Azam. After becoming the captain of ODIs, when the PCB spoke to the media on the video link, Babar Azam was also asked about it. Babar Azam immediately said in his typical way that I play cricket. , I’m not blonde or anything like that, I speak English.

Babar Azam also said that everything is going on at the same time, with time you learn things, you learn slowly, things do not come at once, just like other things come to me, these things will also come to me.

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