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Imran Khan 44-year Journey Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan’s path to becoming prime minister looks smooth, but there is also a long story of Imran Khan’s journey to success.

The Journey From the First Wicket to Become the Prime Minister for the First Time

Imran Khan started his international cricket career against England in 1971 but had to wait another three years for his first Test wicket.

In the July 25 general elections, the PTI won a majority in the National Assembly, and on July 26, Imran Khan, addressing the nation as the winner, signaled the formation of his government.

It is worth mentioning that Imran Khan got his first international wicket on July 26, the second day of the Leeds Test against England which started on July 25, 1974. The batsman who was dismissed was Tony Craig who was caught by Wasim Bari behind the wickets.

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If Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister, he will become the first cricketer to become the Prime Minister of any country.

An earlier example of an international player holding the post of prime minister was found in Liberia in 2008 when former Liberian star footballer George With was sworn in as the country’s president.

Imran Khan with Kapil Dev
Former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev while talking to Indian channels ABP Live said, β€œThis is a great achievement. The game is nothing compared to the country. When he won the World Cup 25 years ago, he was very excited and he is still the same today.

He said that it is a great pleasure to represent his country in the field of cricket and then become the Supreme Leader. Many players have held political positions but no one has been able to reach this position.

Cricketers are also sending comments and good wishes on the journey from the cricket ground to the PM’s chair.

“On this day in 1974, Imran Khan took his first wicket for Pakistan,” said a Pakistani Twitter account. 44 years later, he is going to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Former Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi tweeted that “Imran Khan is the best news for Pakistan.”

“No cricketer is as hardworking as Imran. I hope he will be allowed to do the same in the political arena. Congratulations Imran Khan.

Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi congratulated Imran Khan and PTI, saying, “Finally, 22 years of hard work have paid off.”

Waqar Younis while reacting to Imran Khan’s recent speech said, “Special speech of the great leader. Very simple, honest, and practical … I am proud to be a student of such a teacher. Congratulations Captain.

Sana Mir, a member of the Pakistan women’s cricket team, congratulated Imran Khan and said, “Congratulations to the people of Pakistan on their 22 years of hard work.”

Mohammad Hafeez said, “Mashallah Imran Khan, you have done it once again. Long marathon effort against corruption.

“Congratulations to all on the new Pakistan,” said Iram Javed, a member of the women’s cricket team.

Javed Afridi, Chairman PSL Team Peshawar Zalmi, while congratulating Imran Khan, said that he hopes that after Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister, sports in the country, especially cricket, will be further promoted and all sports in Pakistan And the players connected to them will develop.

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