The number of unelected members in Imran Khan's cabinet has risen to 19
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Imran Khan directed the NAB to take action

Senior journalist Imran Yaqub says that Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed NAB to take action against cabinet members. According to details, senior analyst Imran Yaqub has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan He said that NAB has sent a secret letter to Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan and his family to investigate the case of assets in excess of income.

However, when the matter was brought to the notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan, he took a firm stand on it as the accountable Imran Khan has woken up before the elections and he is not in the mood to make concessions to anyone.
However, the Prime Minister said that if any federal minister is also involved in a case, the NAB has open permission to take action against him so that he can be severely punished.

In this regard, senior analyst Zafar Hilali says that it is a good thing that action has been initiated against Ghulam Sarwar and it is a good thing that Tarzan is playing from both sides. Sharif and on the other side is Ghulam Sarwar Khan who is the Minister of Aviation but if he has committed theft then he wants to be caught. NAB had asked the Additional Collector to provide records of their agricultural, commercial and residential lands by May 15.

The letter also sought the records of five people close to Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar. NAB has written a letter to the Additional District Collector to provide records of Ghulam Sarwar Khan’s lands. The verification process was initiated after NAB Rawalpindi received a complaint regarding Ghulam Sarwar. Sources said that NAB Rawalpindi has also appointed Amna Abbasi as the investigating officer of the case.

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