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Imran Khan open Pub, Waqar Zaka started the movement

Following the announcement of the ban imposed by the PTA across Pakistan, the top trend on the social networking website Twitter has become ‘Imran Khan Pub Ji Kholo’.

According to the details, there are a large number of pub g players all over Pakistan and despite the court decision, the PTA has issued orders to continue the ban on online games, on which the public and especially Waqar Zaka. Urges PM to lift the ban on PubG.

A temporary ban on the pub, the announcement of legal action against Waqar Zaka
Ban on pubs, positive attitude of Waqar Zaka
Waqar Zakat demands justice from the government over ban on PUBG
Restoration of Pub G, thanks Waqar Zaka became a trend on Twitter
Social media expert and well-known host Waqar Zaka had earlier taken steps to temporarily ban PubG and today a nationwide movement has been launched for the revival of PubG which is trending on Twitter today.

It should be noted that the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has issued a detailed decision on parents and public grievances under the PICA Act.

The PTA decision said that after reviewing several types of research and studies related to PubG, PTA has come to the conclusion that PubG has devastating effects. It is having a negative impact on the minds of the youth. Are

The PTA ruling said that PubG is harmful to mental and physical health.

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