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Imran Khan’s Journey of Life

Imran Khan had just won the World Cup and was adamant that he would not enter politics. At the same time, an elderly psychiatrist in Karachi was plotting against the growing drug use and smoking among the youth.

He said “it was a great idea that if the government somehow gave it to Imran Khan,” he would make an advertisement that would make the youth of the country quit drugs and smoke.

Imran Khan only has to say in the advertisement that smoking makes a man impotent.

Don’t make ads, don’t change anything. Smokers continued to smoke, and drugs became better and cheaper. Dr. Sahib came up with new ideas but during this time Imran Khan changed himself a lot.

Cricket historians say that “Imran Khan is the first fast bowler in the history of the world who changed the bowling action of his batch career” and became a better bowler than before.

Imran Khan as a bowler

Old readers of Jang newspaper will remember that Imran Khan started his ideological war by writing a column in which he presented his Brown Theory in which we were told that “the British had gone but this The native British are still our rulers“.

His views were those of an innocent revolutionary. Such a half-innocent revolutionary happens in every street neighborhood. If one or two things happen, then the revolutionary party is divided into the same number of factions.

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It did not take long for Imran Khan to change from a revolutionary to a Wahhabi. He warmed our hearts by telling stories of the early centuries and refreshed our faith by showing glimpses of the victories of his youth in Wilayat. When that didn’t work out, he took tuition from the old wolves of Pakistan and passed with such good marks that people are still in a dilemma.

Imran Khan Biography

Imran Khan did everything he had to do on this journey. And he had to say it all

What is the biggest problem in the country? The finality of Prophethood(ختم نبوت).

Who is your political opponent? Traitor and Modi’s friend.

This journalist is asking some difficult questions, what does he want? Envelope

Who are these people who are not voting for you? Baby donkeys

Imran Khan has not done anything that politicians do not do to come to power

There are some popular theories about gaining power and keeping it. Sometimes bombs have to be dropped on a village to save it. Sometimes you have to be part of a system to destroy it. To eliminate thugs, you have to disguise yourself as a thug. Thieves have to be helped to end corruption and theft.

In the neighboring country, a man carried out a massacre to get the prime ministership.

At the end of this great journey, listening to Imran Khan’s measured and painful speech made my eyes water like the rest of the nation and also regretted why we allowed our Messiah to wander in the dark and stinking streets of politics for 22 years.

Then he uttered the words of Hazrat Omar Farooq on the banks of the Euphrates about the hungry dog ​​and the responsibility of the king and my tears stopped. I have heard this statement from General Zia-ul-Haq to Mustafa Kamal.

It is a beautiful and poetic metaphor for the relationship between the ruler and the people, but the fact is that I have never seen a hungry dog ​​on the beach in Karachi, most of my time is spent watching the city’s free and stray dogs ۔ Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

We have God’s mercy on us or the fruit of our bad habits that we throw leftover food everywhere that no hungry dog ​​sleeps on the banks of our Euphrates.

When Imran Khan mentioned contaminated drinking water in his speech, he remembered that when he had won the World Cup, everyone from 36 Chak in Okara to Natha Khan Goth in Karachi would be relieved by running the tap or opening the tap. I drank the water. Bottled water was only a hobby of the old sets, neo-statesmen, or brown gentlemen.

Today, even in the poorest slums of Karachi, everyone is afraid to provide tap water to their children. People sell water by placing a small tank on a wheelbarrow and people buy it by cutting their stomachs. Shops are open in Nazimabad, Gulshan, and Korangi bazaars with small filter plants. People who can’t afford to buy bottles of mineral water buy it here.

You may have noticed that from the cabinet to the meeting of corps commanders, every officer has a bottle of mineral water in front of every minister. When low caste journalists like us go somewhere, the hosts greet us later and first grab a bottle of mineral water.

Imran Khan can’t give crores of jobs, don’t pay taxes, don’t let Kashmir be free, don’t listen to him and stop his young fans smoking and abusing mother and sister, if he If we save our lives from this bottle of mineral water, we will assume that his 22-year journey was not in vain.

They don’t even have to beg from the World Bank or China for this. Order two small indigenous filter plants from Karachi, install one in your home and present one to GHQ as a gift. And save our lives from this mineral water epidemic.

And don’t worry too much about stray dogs, sleep well because a free-roaming dog by the river doesn’t wait for the king to feed him.

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