In Hong Kong, foreigners also started coming to learn knife massage

Hong Kong: Whenever the name of the pellet comes to us, we often think that it cuts meat, fruits, vegetables, etc., but the unique news came from Hong Kong where it is used for massage.

According to the British News Agency, massage parlors in the East Asian country of Taiwan offer massages with knives, knives, and daggers on a large scale. It is called Daoliao and in Chinese, it means massage with a knife. In English, it can be called knife therapy. Knives and piercings are understandable in surgery, but in massage, it is beyond comprehension. However, it is very common in Chinese medicine.

In China, the practice of massaging with knives is almost two thousand years old. It was started by Buddhist monks. This therapy flourished in Japan almost a thousand years ago during the reign of the Tang Dynasty.

During the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s, the tradition of massaging with a knife reached Taiwan, where it is still alive, but this rare form of massage has disappeared in China and Japan.

According to the BBC, the popularity of therapy in Taiwan can be gauged from the fact that an educational center has been opened in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, to teach therapy. And the name of this educational institution is The Ancient Art of Nice Massage Dowliau Imaging Education Center. The educational institution has about 36 branches throughout Taiwan. Of these, 15 have been opened in the last five years alone. Here people from all over the world are taught the art of knife massage.

People from France, Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan come to Taiwan to learn this therapy. Today people are also using knife massage to heal wounds, improve sleep, and cure chronic body aches.

Just as acupressure therapy is used in ancient Chinese medicine, the pressure point is targeted at knife therapy. These are called QI doors.

Hussey Yao Meifeng, director of one such massage center in Taiwan, told a British news agency that he had stepped into the world of knife massage 15 years ago.

Before that, she used to do beauty treatments and meridian massages. Meridian massage is also a type of medicinal massage in traditional Chinese medicine.

Mei Feng says she gets tired after massaging people’s meridians all day. The negative energy released during the massage was having a bad effect on him but since he started the knife therapy he has been very calm.

There are some rules to follow in knife therapy, for example, if the masseur is not in a good mood, he should not be given a knife. It is said that the negative energy of the masseur in this situation has a bad effect on the masseur.

Knife masseurs should always work with positive energy. For this, all of them have to follow a purely vegetarian diet. Mei Feng says she wakes up every morning at five o’clock or earlier with her team. Then she exercises a little. And to get her QI, she exercises or stabs a pillow with a knife for 30 minutes.

Mei Feng says her customers bring their children with them. These children play with wooden dents in the parlor and relieve the stress of school. She also says that QI is everything in our culture. If you have a balance of energy then you do your job properly. Many people also come to Mei Feng to find the direction or purpose of their life.

She does this with the help of a small board with a compass. It is a kind of guessing board based on ancient Chinese lessons. It is also called Chiang or Book of Change.

Mei Feng says that this board works for me as Google. I put all the information about my client on this board and I know his past, present, and future. And that’s why I can give my customers better feedback.

He says he doesn’t need to explain the magical effects of knife therapy to anyone. Once a person is massaged with a knife, he is convinced.

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