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In Karachi, a uniformed officer broke into the house and raped a woman at gunpoint

In Jamshed Quarters area of ​​Karachi, a uniformed officer broke into a house and raped a woman.

A uniformed officer of Jamshed Quarters Police Station entered the house at gunpoint and raped a woman near Tin Hatti.

Police said that the case of the incident has been registered in Jamshed Quarters Thate on the complaint of the victim.

The victim told police that the officer, Hasnain Bawardi, broke into the house and assaulted her at gunpoint. When my husband reached home, the officer hit him with a glass plate which hit me on the head and I was injured. ۔

The victim further said that when my husband brought me to the hospital, Hasnain also reached there and forcibly took me to the police station.
Officers Hasnain and Rashid tortured my husband and asked him to divorce me,” she said.
The woman said that the rapist Hasnain said that the entire Jamshed Quarters police station was with her.
 On the other hand, the police said that they should arrest the officials involved in the incident and start investigation

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