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In which areas may a curfew be imposed if necessary?

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that at least this year we will have to deal with the virus.

The Prime Minister said that it was already in my mind that the kind of lockdown that took place in Wuhan if I implement such a lockdown, what will happen to these people? The Prime Minister said that the kind of lockdown in Pakistan. Down in the air did not want such a lockdown, we banned everything including gatherings, events, sports, schools, universities, but I did business and construction.

The industry never shuts down but the provinces had powers because of the 18th Amendment, the situation put pressure on the provinces. The Prime Minister said that the richest country in the world like the United States where one lakh people have died also opened the lockdown.

The Prime Minister said that there is a lot of pressure on our administration and police, some departments will remain closed and all others are reopening. The Prime Minister said that he has decided to reopen everything except SOPs except for specific sectors. But the public is urged not to think that the lockdown is over and start living as before, follow the SOPs or else curfew will be imposed in the most affected areas and then businesses in those areas will be destroyed.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it was decided in the NCC meeting that now a large number of Pakistanis stranded abroad would be brought back. He said that the first problem was that we had limited screening facilities and the provinces The objection was that a large number of citizens should not be brought from abroad, so a limited number of Pakistanis should be brought back Imran Khan said that now we have decided that the number of flights is being increased to bring back the Pakistanis stranded abroad, they will be tested at the airports and then sent home, if the result is positive. I have to quarantine myself.

Imran Khan said that our observation is that people with money are following the SOPs but the common man has a different attitude towards Corona. How to live with Corona. The Prime Minister said that the tourism sector should be opened as some areas have only three to four months of summer tourism and business. If this time goes into lockdown, poverty in these areas will increase further.

He said that the decisions taken at the NCE meeting would be made public after the meeting of the National Command and Control Center (NCOC) chaired by the Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar on Tuesday. The Prime Minister said that the sectors which are most at risk will still be closed but all other sectors will remain open, the list of which will be released soon.

He appealed to the people that we have to become a responsible nation. He gave the example that when they did a complete lockdown, the people there were in a bad condition, many people died, they had to walk for miles, but still the coronavirus spread there and hospitals were filled, but still, they had to open the country due to poverty. “I am sorry to say that the spread of the virus and the increase in deaths will increase.

The more people take precautions, the better for them,” he said of the Tiger Force, which has seen one million volunteers so far. This force will be used at least this year to deal with the virus and to fully comply with SOPs so that the virus does not spread, I spoke to the Prime Minister of Italy and found out that the cause of coronavirus patients.

I appreciate the services of my health workers. PM Imran Khan addressed the doctors and medical staff across the country. “I realize from day one that if the number of cases increases, the burden on you will increase, but our 13 to 150 million people are being badly affected by the lockdown,” he said. “People associated with the medical sector.” I am afraid that if the lockdown is softened, it will suddenly increase the burden on them. But I assure you that we are all aware of it and we are ready to help you in any way we can.

We will also meet the doctors’ associations in this regard. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we are hearing that there is a shortage of space in the hospitals, so we are bringing this program under which it will be told daily in which city in which hospital. Vanity letters are available and where they are not. He once again called on the nation to take responsibility and said that we have to be a responsible nation if we are to save the people from poverty and at the same time reduce the spread of the epidemic. This is because if this epidemic spreads slowly, our hospitals will not be pressured and it will rise and our society will also be affected. Will go

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