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Includes more code-19 alerts in the Google Maps app

The Google Maps app introduces new features to make it easier for users to travel while the app is also active in preventing and preventing the spread of the global epidemic Corona.

Recently, the Google Maps app has added more alerts to the Code-19 corona virus, which will allow users to track travel information as well as how busy public transport is.


Users will also be able to receive alerts on which routes the transport is available due to the lockdown and will be instructed to wear masks with caution.

Google Map’s new Corona virus update will also allow users to know when the transit center is more or less crowded.

On the other hand, Google Map will also alert the drivers which route is open and which is closed during the lockdown.

This feature of Google Maps will initially be introduced to users in the US, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Israel, after which it will be rolled out to other countries around the world.

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