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India sniffed a snake after 20 soldiers, including an Indian colonel, were killed in Gulwan

The Indian leadership smelled like a snake after 20 soldiers, including an Indian army colonel, were killed in the Gulwan Valley of Ladakh.

Yesterday, 20 soldiers, including an Indian army colonel, were killed in clashes with Chinese forces in Ladakh, a disputed border area between China and India.

After that, India smelled such a snake that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, and National Security Adviser Ajit Pawar, who was threatening Pakistan, all became dumb.

According to Indian media, the Indian leadership was busy in meetings but so far no message or statement has come out after the killing of 20 soldiers by the top leadership.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Indian opposition party Congress, demanded from Narendra Modi to tell the truth, saying that China killed our soldiers, occupied the land, now where is Modi, why did he go into hiding?

After the action of the Chinese army in India, a series of pressure and criticism has started on the Modi government. Indian politicians and journalists have also started pointing fingers at the Modi government.

It may be recalled that Indian troops had clashed with Chinese troops in the eastern Ladakh region last month, while there were reports of Indian troops being detained by China for border violations.

Indo-China tensions on the eastern Ladakh border remain high and despite talks, tensions have not been reduced.

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