Indian analyst warns Modi government
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Indian analyst warns Modi government

Don’t play with fire, otherwise, Pakistan will destroy New Delhi in 5 minutes: Indian analyst warns Modi government

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) – An article has been published by Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada on the threats of a former Indian Army officer, in which war-obsessed Indians responded by quoting an old article by Indian analyst Ashok Swain. In a column written a few years ago, Indian analyst Ashok Swain had warned India not to make the mistake of considering Balochistan as Bangladesh. If India tried to destabilize Pakistan internally, There will be serious consequences.

India by fire Stop playing, otherwise remembers that Pakistan can destroy the Indian capital New Delhi by launching a nuclear attack in just 5 minutes. Remember that the former Indian major has openly admitted to infiltrating Balochistan on his media. Guru Arya had also predicted a terrorist attack on the Pakistan Army in Balochistan a few days ago.

I am in touch. He added that he will give a strong answer to Pakistanis to remember these people for 10 generations. Terrorists in Balochistan are my friends, their numbers are safe on my phone, I talk to them every day. The former Indian Major said that I tell my friends in Balochistan that the entire population of India has the right to secede from Balochistan.

Yes, we will take revenge on Handwara, we will take revenge on Handwara in Balochistan. On the other hand, on the social networking website Twitter, Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry wrote that it is very sad that the former Indian soldier once again interfered in Balochistan. He further wrote on Twitter that it proves that terrorism in Balochistan is India’s fault Running, wake up the civilized world and take notice.

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