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Indian fans angry over removal of Atif’s song by an Indian music company

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam’s song was removed from YouTube by India’s leading music company ‘Tea Production’, after which trends in favor of Atif started on social media in India.

The music company T-Series was threatened by the Hindu extremist party Maharashtra Newman Sena (MNS) after which the company removed Atif Aslam’s song from its YouTube channel.

The T-series had uploaded Pakistani singer Atif Aslam’s song ‘Kana Sona’ on its YouTube channel, which became very popular, after which the Hindu extremist party immediately threatened to remove the song.

The company later removed Atif Aslam’s song from the YouTube channel and apologized to the Hindu extremist group, saying an employee had uploaded the Pakistani singer’s song by mistake.

Now on social media in India, while many users are happy to remove Atif Aslam’s song, many people are angry about it and they have started trends in favor of Atif Aslam.

Arman Sheikh said, “Love India.”

Using the hashtag ‘India Love Atif Aslam’, Arman Sheikh said that music has no boundaries and the artist is not just for one country but for all.

Rajdeep says that he is listening to Atif Aslam’s song and Atif Aslam is his favorite singer.

Somnath said that there are no limits to music and at the same time he used the hashtag in favor of Atif Aslam that we want to bring back the songs of Atif Aslam.


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