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Indian films cause increase in tobacco and alcoholism: research

A new study has revealed that children and young people watching Indian movies are more likely to use smoking, alcohol and fast food.

Researchers from Vital Strategies and Imperial College London studied 300 films from the Indian film industry Bollywood from 1994 to 2013, including 93 per cent alcohol, 70 per cent smoking and 21 per cent fast food. The use of food was shown.

According to a research study, alcohol and smoking have been shown to be a common habit in all Bollywood movies.

The researchers said in their report that according to one estimate, smoking is shown 4 to 5 times in a movie, while scenes of drinking are shown 7 times.

However, research into Bollywood’s 20-year-old films has shown that alcohol and smoking are being promoted and that the use of fast food is now being shown more and more.

However, since 2004 there has been a slight decline in advertising in films under the Tobacco Control and Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, enacted by the World Health Organization to curb the promotion of unhealthy substances.

“Our research shows that the promotion of unhealthy behavior in movies is reaching audiences, especially children,” said Vital Strategies, vice president of global policy and research policy, advocacy and communications.

“We hope that this research will prove the use of unhealthy substances in films and help reduce its marketing,” he said.

He added that the use of all these can lead to various deadly diseases such as obesity, heart disease and cancer.

In addition, research conducted in other countries of the world has shown that Bollywood movies are more prone to bad habits such as smoking and drinking, which affects the health of young people and children.

It is to be noted that these days due to global epidemic there is lockdown in different countries which has also suspended educational activities. In such cases, the tendency of students towards movies and series has also increased.

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