India's disgusting plan against Pakistan after being defeated by China in Ladakh
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India’s disgusting plan against Pakistan after being defeated by China in Ladakh

India plotted against Pakistan after Chinese defeat in Ladakh, Modi govt plans to defame Pakistan by staging false flag operation in occupied Kashmir: PM Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa have over and again cautioned the worldwide network about India’s expectations

According to credible sources, India has hatched a nefarious plan to conduct a false flag operation in Occupied Kashmir and dump its wreckage on Pakistan. The army is trying to allay its fears.

The facts of the plan for the Indian Falls flag operation have to be checked. According to the plan, a vehicle laden with explosives and a large amount of money has been seized in a deserted place in the occupied valley. Attack like Pulwama and have no backup plan.

According to the new Indian plan, the driver of the vehicle loaded with explosives managed to escape on foot, who was neither chased nor arrested. According to the Indian plan, the Indian authorities seized the car and detained him for a whole day. Placed and blew up the next day.

The most immature part of the Indian drama is the seized vehicle, the driver of which escaped, the vehicle was in the custody of the authorities with the explosives and it was not blown up in front of the media with any remote control, as the Indian media was exposed to its explosives. Did not want to show

The Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reported on May 26 that the explosives used in last year’s Pulwama attack were obtained from India, India’s new drama for the False Flag operation was internal strife, retaliation and The failure of the Modi government to deal with the Corona epidemic is a reflection of the madness of the Modi government.

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