Influenza medication may also be helpful against corona virus, research says

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Belgian scientists have discovered from animal experiments that Favipiravir, a drug that kills the influenza virus, could kill the corona virus if given in large quantities.

It should be noted that influenza, also commonly known as “flu” and “cold”, is a disease that affects the respiratory system, ie the nose, throat and lungs, which is caused by a virus. Favi paravir was approved for use as an effective influenza drug in 2014 and is available today under various brand names.

Although novel corona viruses and influenza viruses differ from each other, they also have significant similarities in terms of their target and structure. That’s why experts believe that if a drug is effective against influenza, it could potentially be effective against the novel corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).
With this in mind, scientists at the Riga Institute for Medical Research at the Catholic University of Leuven in Leuven, Belgium, decided to test Favi Pervaire in animals infected with the novel corona virus in the first phase.

“Syrian hamsters” were chosen for this purpose because their internal physiological systems are very similar to humans and the drugs made for humans affect them almost equally.

The study found that small amounts of Fevia paracetamol did not cure coronavirus in these mice. However, overdose of this drug also eliminated the novel corona virus.

The eradication of the novel corona virus in rats began on the first day of administration, and by the fourth day, the virus was completely eradicated.

This research is important in light of the fact that human trials have been completed in different countries in the treatment of the novel corona virus. In light of these results, experts will now be able to better formulate their strategies.

Details of the study are published in the latest issue of the online research journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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