Initial inquiries from sugar mill owners has completed
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Initial inquiries from sugar mill owners have completed

Initial process of interrogation of owners and officials of 9 sugar mills including Jahangir Tareen’s Sugar Mills Company JDW has been completed, reservations have also come to light on the commission.

The Chinese Commission has completed its initial inquiries from 6 owners and officials of 9 sugar mills, while the owners of sugar mills have expressed reservations over the commission’s method of investigation and selection of only 9 mills. According to private TV sources, the commission headed by FIA chief Wajid Zia has completed the initial process of questioning the owners and officials of nine sugar mills, including Jahangir Tareen’s Sugar Mills Company JDW.

The commission will also question sugarcane growers in this regard. The Sugar Mills Association, on the other hand, has expressed reservations about the commission’s investigation and working procedures, as well as the investigation against only nine sugar mills across the country, instead of 86. The Sugar Mills Association is expected to issue a formal response in the next few days. In a report by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the Chinese crisis that erupted earlier this year.

It was revealed that Jahangir Tareen, a key leader of the ruling party, benefited the most from the Chinese crisis in the country, followed by Khusro Bakhtiar’s brother and Monis Elahi’s companies in the ruling coalition. The FIA ​​report is now being forensicized by Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 25 Was to be submitted but the commission sought more time on which a period of three weeks has been given. The Prime Minister has announced to take further action after receiving the forensic report. After the Chinese crisis report came to light, Jahangir Tareen has denied the allegations against him and the ministry of Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar has also been changed.

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