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Iqra Aziz’s sister was also deceived by her appearance

Karachi: Actress Iqra Aziz’s likeness has caused a stir on social media and even her sister Sedrah Aziz was stunned to see Iqra’s likeness.

The video of actress Aqra Aziz, who has shown the essence of acting in dramas like “Sanu Chanda”, “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” and “Jhooti”, is going viral on social media and the striking resemblance between the two Surprised.

Iqra Aziz’s sister Sedrah Aziz has shared a video on social media in which a woman and a man are dancing to a song in a car and there is a striking resemblance between this woman and Iqra Aziz. Sedrah Aziz also got confused seeing both of them and wrote for a minute I thought … Maybe she wanted to write next to it that this is Iqra Aziz. But no no this is another beautiful man.

Aqra Aziz’s counterpart is a woman named Noor. She is from Lebanon and is an architect by profession. The man dancing with her in the car is her fianc.


Noor further said that my fianc was also surprised to see Iqra and after seeing Iqra’s picture he said that I am secretly living a double life.


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