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Islamic country after Malaysia has barred its citizens from going on Hajj

The most important Islamic country after Malaysia has barred its citizens from going on Hajj

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) – Brunei Darussalam has postponed the departure of its citizens seeking Hajj. A thousand people from Brunei were to receive the blessings of Hajj. Earlier, Indonesia had also barred its citizens from performing the Hajj. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and relevant authorities have been receiving thousands of messages from inquirers about the Hajj, but Saudi Arabia has not yet made a formal announcement about the Hajj. What The Islamic world will be kept informed about this. Earlier this year, in view of the Corona epidemic, Malaysia

Citizens were barred from going on Hajj. According to a foreign news agency, Malaysia has issued a statement that about 30,000 citizens were supposed to go on Hajj this year, but they will no longer be able to participate in Hajj. The decision was made in the wake of the global virus outbreak. Malaysia’s Minister of Religious Affairs said: “We have made this decision following the steps taken by our Muslim and neighboring country, Indonesia. The pilgrims will accept the government’s decision. It is believed that Muslim countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia, send thousands of their citizens for Hajj every year, but this time, given the threat of the spread of the corona epidemic, Malaysia And Indonesia has announced that it will not send its citizens to Hajj

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