Naseeruddin Shah

It appears that the day I won’t have the option to act, I will end it all, Naseeruddin Shah

Mumbai: Bollywood legend Naseeruddin Shah says he figures he will end it all the day he is not, at this point ready to act.

In an ongoing meeting with an Indian site, entertainer Naseeruddin Shah said that his work as an on-screen character isn’t finished at this point yet he gets up each morning with the conviction that his fans Will give something through his acting.

“As a performer, I notwithstanding everything have a lot to accommodate my loved ones and I’m blessed that people regardless of everything like to see me,” said the 70-year-old on-screen character. The way that I love my work, I love acting, I can’t clarify the energy I have when giving exhibitions, I have a feeling that I’m fixated on acting.

Clarifying the degree of his affection for acting, the Indian legend stated, “I think when I get up tomorrow first thing and I am not ready to act, I will end it all. What is existence without acting?”

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