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It is possible to follow the decision government regarding examinations

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has said that it is possible to follow the decision of the federation regarding examinations. We have a meeting on Tuesday regarding examinations. The decision will be taken in consultation with education experts. In an exclusive interview with Urdupoint, he said that if the interference in politics was removed and the people were given the constitutional right to elect their representatives, the situation would be rectified.

But the citizens of Karachi are perhaps the most unfortunate, that in the last seven elections, the people of Karachi who have voted have won. Karachi is particularly targeted. In the 2018 elections also, many seats were snatched from PPP and MQM. I was in the Senate when it came to talking about issues in my constituency, and what was programmed.

The school mentioned is a municipal school. But there is a big school two minutes away which is one of the best four or five schools in Karachi. But this school was not shown. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s three children are very capable, Bakhtawar Bibi is not interested in politics, Asifa is also interested and has talent. He said that we have a meeting on Tuesday regarding the examinations. It is possible that the Sindh government will take the same decision as the federal government.

I’m not smart, I’m not an educator, there’s a whole system of education, we try to make decisions in consultation with educators, such decisions are more appropriate. In March, we issued an academic plan for the whole year, but no province did it then. We will make the decision that is in favor of the students.

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