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It would have been better to waste the PTI than to vote, let the well-known anchors rain down on the government

Leading Islamabad anchorperson Aisha Yousaf says she has been regretting voting for PTI, it would have been better if she had lost her vote. In a live video on Facebook, Aisha Yousaf said that PTI has disqualified her. I also voted for PTI but now I think it would have been better if I had lost my vote, they have no choice but to fight among themselves. He said that the government’s boat is getting empty, people Have started making jumps.
Akhtar Mengal has parted ways. The PTI did not live up to what they had agreed on. This is a matter of concern for the PTI government. It is rumored that Nadeem Afzal Chan is also leaving. Ayesha Yousuf further said that the situation seems to be moving towards real change because PTI has not changed.


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