Joe Biden's lead over Donald Trump
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Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump, will the stubborn businessman return to the Oval Office?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a 3.7-point lead over Donald Trump. In addition, a state like Florida, which has 29 electoral votes, has slipped out of the hands of Republicans. The swing states also include the state of Texas, which is considered the red state this time, with 38 electoral votes. The state of Ohio has always been a swing state with 18 electoral votes. In the last election, Ohio put its electoral votes in the hands of Trump. However, this time around, Ohio’s views are different. Residents of this middle-class state, which depends on agriculture and industry, believe that even the white president has disappointed them.

At the moment, 117 votes from nine swing states are crucial, and the two parties are vying for the electoral votes. According to opinion polls, Biden has 194 confirmed and 114 possible electoral votes, while Trump has 80 confirmed and 33 possible votes. While 117 electoral votes are from swing states, out of a total of 580 electoral votes, Biden is expected to get 308 while Trump is expected to get 113 electoral votes.

According to the US Constitution, only the person who gets 270 or more votes out of 580 electoral votes sits in the presidency of the most powerful country in the world. However, as in 2016, the swing states will play the most important role if the Democrats confirm their 114 possible votes. If they succeed in converting the votes, it will be difficult for Trump to reach the Oval Office again even after getting all the votes of the swing states.

Democrats have fielded key figures in their campaign, including former President Barack Obama, former First Lady Michelle Obama, former US President Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as former governors, mayors, members of the Senate and Congress. Democrats are also supported by key figures and organizations working for human rights, women’s rights, minority rights, and the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

President Trump’s tough decisions, confrontation with state institutions, incitement to white extremism have been widely criticized. At the start of the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump was considered a frivolous candidate, targeting the country’s elite and He continued to present you as an anti-elite candidate of the country, but after assuming the presidency, he benefited the elite the most, of which he was a critic. After 4 years, he has once again declared himself an anti-elite candidate. Whether or not his “magic” will work will be decided on November 3, but public opinion polls are troubling for him in terms of popularity as he is trailing his opponent in the next presidential election, Biden.

Black Latin American and other minority organizations are waging a large-scale anti-Trump campaign that will have far-reaching effects. In addition, older people who vote more than young people are also affected by President Trump’s four-year policies and actions. There is strong resentment because the Trump administration has cut back on Social Security and the many economic benefits available to the elderly, and has made it clear in its policies that it is in favor of eliminating Social Security altogether in the future, as well as older citizens. He has not only limited the number of support programs he receives, but has also increased the age of eligibility in many programs, which makes even older citizens look unhappy with him, and the majority of these elderly voters have always voted for the Republican Party.

In his campaign, Biden is talking about senior citizens, among other things, trying to convince them that they can vote for a liberal party despite being conservative, including Biden’s own age and vice president. He has been in US politics since the 1970s. President Trump’s election campaign has been plagued by problems, and his current presidency has been plagued by one crisis after another. Is the problem temporary or is his attempt to get re-elected a failure? Donald Trump is a politician whose reaction is often natural. Four years ago, he jumped into the fray. He falsified all expectations and predictions. Proved and first elected his party’s presidential candidate and then managed to reach the White House.

Today, it will be easy for President Trump to clearly see how the journey he started in July 2015 ended in his unexpected success in November 2015. During this journey, many controversies, fights, and controversial tweets were recorded. There have been other incidents, but experts’ estimates have been proven wrong and they are correct. As election day approaches, polling companies are asking the American people which candidate they support.

The national referendum is a good measure to see which candidate is popular across the country, but the national referendum is not a good measure to see who wins the election, such as Trump in the 2016 Hillary Clinton referendum. She won nearly 3 million more votes than Trump, but she still lost because having an electoral college system in the United States does not mean that you will win the election.

Going beyond that, Biden, who is ahead of Donald Trump in the national polls and has been 50 percent popular for most of this year, has at times had a ten-point lead over President Trump. Donald Trump’s popularity has also increased in recent days. In contrast, the 2016 poll was quite vague and there were only a few points difference between Trump and Hillary, as Hillary Clinton realized in 2016, by the number of votes. More important is where you win the vote.

Most states are strongholds of a single party, which means that there are only a few states where both candidates are likely to win. These are the states where the election is won or lost. Used for, it gives each state some votes in terms of population. There are a total of 580 electoral college votes, so the winning candidate has to get 270 votes. Competitive states have a lot more electoral college votes, so candidates often spend a lot of time in them.

At the moment, Biden’s position in the Battlegrounds polls is good, but there is still plenty of time in the presidential election, and where Trump is, things could change very quickly, according to the poll. Wisconsin has a significant lead in all three industrialized states, which Trump won by one percentage point in 2016.
But the states where Trump won by a wide margin in 2016 are the states where Trump campaigners are concerned. Iowa, Ohio, and Texas are the three states where Trump has an 8-10 percent lead. But now, according to opinion polls, the two candidates are in a tug-of-war. This statistic may be the reason why Trump often calls these polls fake polls, and in July he fired his campaign manager. Had changed.

But there is another measure, and that is the gambling market. According to the latest reports, the gambling market is being given a rate of three to one in order to win Trump. It has been in the headlines and, as expected, the popularity of President Trump’s measures in this regard is twisted under party lines. The popularity of his measures peaked in mid-March when he declared a national emergency and gave ڈالر 50 billion to states to fight the epidemic, according to Ephesus, a major pollster. Citizens were in favor of his coronavirus action, but since then he has lost much of his popularity among Democrats, while Republican supporters are still with him.

However, the latest data shows that his own supporters are now raising questions about the second wave of the virus in the country’s southern and western states. His Republican popularity has risen to 78 percent. Maybe that’s why President Trump has changed his statement about the coronavirus. He used to say that the virus would just go away, but now he’s saying that things will get worse before things get better. He once wore a face mask and told people to wear it to show their patriotism. According to a university estimate, there would have been 230,000 deaths in the country on November 1, two days before the election.

It’s easy to say that the referendum was wrong in 2016 and that’s what President Trump often does, but it’s not entirely true. Hillary Clinton was a few percent ahead in most polls, but that doesn’t mean the referendum was wrong. Because they got more than 3 million votes, the voters made some mistakes in 2016, such as they did not measure people who do not have a college degree correctly in the beginning, that is, where Trump is in the lead. It was not clear until the last stages but now most of the companies have fixed it but this time the uncertainty is even more due to the coronavirus and it will have an impact on the national economy and the people’s vote.

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