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Judge Arshad Malik Video Case


Islamabad High Court issues important order

 ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sought a complete record of investigation in the video case of Judge Arshad Malik from the FIA. The hearing of the case has been adjourned till May 21. Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice Athar Minallah A bench comprising Justice Amir Farooq heard the video case of Judge Arshad Malik.


The investigation team in charge told the court that the video of Judge Arshad Malik was made between 2001 and 2003. The accused are accused of making a video of the judge and blackmailing him. The investigation team in charge Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Athar Minallah remarked that after so many years, the judge came to know that the video was made by drinking drugs.


Justice Athar Minallah said that either the judge would have declared the video as fake and denied it, but here the judge himself is admitting that the video is genuine. Then action should be taken against him.


Chief Justice Athar Minallah said that the judicial officer is admitting his misconduct, can any judge take the position that such a video was made by giving him drugs, the judicial officer said. This confession is a cause of embarrassment for us. Justice Athar Minallah asked that you arrested the accused, did you record the statement of the judge? Is this the standard for an FIA investigation? The Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court said that why the judge had gone to someone’s house to make such a video of him, to investigate and give a detailed report by Tuesday so that they can decide on the bail of the accused.


Advocate Mian Tariq said that the accused’s medical Bail application was filed on the grounds, his latest medical report should also be sought, on which Justice Amir Farooq said that first let the full report of the investigation come, first we will see it on merit. After that the court granted bail to accused Mian Tariq Mahmood. Hearing on medical grounds adjourned till May 21 .

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