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Justice Faiz Issa is receiving death threats, wife’s request

The wife of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Judge Qazi Faiz Issa has filed a petition in the Islamabad Police Station Secretariat alleging that her husband, who is a Supreme Court judge, was receiving death threats.

According to a copy of the petition received by Sama, Justice Faiz Isa’s wife said that she had a video which she was providing to the police. In it, one person says that anyone involved in corruption, even if he is Faiz Isa, should be brought before the firing squad. There is also a V video in USB along with the FIR filed.

According to the request, the person in the video is named Agha Iftikhar-ud-Din Mirza. Serena Issa says she found out the man’s name on the internet and could not confirm his real name.

Sarina Isa has said that many powerful people are unhappy with my husband. In the circumstances we are facing, I consider this video a death threat. An Abdul Waheed Dogar had filed a petition against my husband. My husband asked who Abdul Waheed Dogar was but the government has not answered this question yet. Mirza Shehzad Akbar, who works in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, had met Abdul Waheed Dogar. Therefore, they should be asked who is the person being used by powerful people. The DG ISI should also be contacted about this who will surely know about it.

Serena Issa suspects that the people who attacked and tortured journalist Ahmed Noorani are the masterminds who want to kill her husband. He said that journalist Abdul Waheed Dogar had lied about Ahmad Noorani and because of this person, the police have not caught the real culprits to date.

She suspects that the attackers on journalist Ahmad Noorani are the ones who want to kill her husband.

Serena Issa said that her father is ill and she has gone out of the house for the first time in a while. She does not want to lose her husband. Threatening to assassinate a Supreme Court judge is a serious form of terrorism. The police have a duty to find and arrest those involved. He requested the police to immediately register a case and provide a copy.

The position of the police

Responding to a petition filed by Supreme Court Judge Faiz Issa, the police said that since the threat and the case were linked to the internet, the police were not authorized to investigate the matter. This request, all materials, and USB related agency sent to the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Wing

What’s in the threatening video?

The threatening video received by Supreme Court Judge Faiz Issa has also gone viral on social media. According to internet users, the person in the video is Agha Iftikhar-ud-Din Mirza, a resident of Rawalpindi and the administrator of a madrassa.

The audio quality of the video is not so good but it can be heard that besides Justice Faiz Issa, former President Asif Ali Zardari and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have also been mentioned in the video. The video maker has called the former president and prime minister of Pakistan a foreign agent. The man also said in the video that China’s method should be adopted in Pakistan that whoever is caught in financial corruption, whether it is Faiz Issa, Nawaz Sharif or Zardari, should be brought before the firing squad.

Journalists Hamid Mir and Mohammad Malik have also been criticized in the video, saying that there are people in the media who do not know how to speak. Maulana should not have apologized to them

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