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K Electric hinted at an increase in load shedding

Karachi: K Electric has indicated the possibility of increase in load shedding.

According to a spokesman for Electric, the demand for electricity has increased due to rising temperatures and the start of business activities, which has made load shedding inevitable.

A spokesman for K Electric said that the company was not getting the required supply of furnace oil and its shortage had affected the power generation capacity which could lead to load shedding in areas exempted from load shedding in Karachi.

The spokesman said that as the supply of furnace oil improves, power generation is also expected to improve.

On the other hand, the citizens expressed their anger in their response and said that K Electric is creating an artificial power crisis as load shedding for several hours is already normal in Karachi.

Citizens said that every summer an artificial crisis is created and funds are demanded from the government and now it is being returned to the citizens through average and double billing.

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