Karachi plane crash
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Karachi plane crash: What did eyewitnesses see before the plane crashed?

A Pakistan International Airlines Airbus 320 en route from Lahore to Karachi crashed in a residential area of ​​Jinnah Garden in Model Town shortly before landing near the airport with 91 passengers and seven crew members on board.
According to reports, the plane tilted to the left before crashing, the tail of the first plane hit the ground which broke the force of the plane, the seats in the front part were less affected and many passengers were safe.

The plane crashed into residential houses, causing a fire in houses and vehicles parked in the street. Eyewitnesses say the pilot tried to save the population but woke up after the fire broke out in the plane.

Rescue operations are underway in the affected area, but rescue workers are facing difficulties due to narrow streets.

When both engines fail, a force landing is required, Interpreter Palpa said

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