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Karachi plane crash,PIA accepts investigation report

KARACHI: PIA has accepted the preliminary report of the Karachi plane crash.

The PIA spokesman said that they accepted the preliminary report and considered it as a guideline, reaffirmed their commitment to further improve the quality of security, and had initiated a series of additional corrective measures.

The spokesman said that a complete forensic audit of the licenses of all pilots in the country has been carried out and PIA has grounded 15 more pilots. A flight data monitoring unit has been set up immediately. The line has highlighted itself.

He further said that the process of complete forensic process of pilot licenses has been continuously pursued and the highest executive office has also taken interest in this process. As a result of the investigation, 15 pilots were grounded, PIA ground said. It is spending Rs 17 crore annually on pilots’ salaries.

The spokesman said the airline had incurred additional costs but did not compromise on passenger safety, adding that a list of other suspicious licenses had also been sought from the CAA.

“Following the recommendations of the Board of Inquiry, those found to be at fault will be fired, which may result in cancellation of some of our flights,” he said.

The spokesman said only pilots with a high service record would fly.

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